ABUS Sponsored Athlete Takes on Bikingman Oman

  • February 20th, 2018
  • Tags: News


ABUS sponsored rider, Corey Hilliard, is heading half way around the world to race the inaugural Bikingman Oman. Here are his thoughts on the event:


I will be competing in the inaugural Bikingman Oman race. It travels 1,000 kilometers from start to finish with 28,000’ of climbing. It is the first in a series of four self-supported ultra events planned around the globe. There will be 59 other racers competing over mountains and desert terrain in Oman.


For me, this is an expansion of all the ultra endurance rides and racing completed in 2017, the longest of which was over 700kms from New York to Pittsburgh solo. While the challenge is slightly greater than those of last season, the implications of doing so in front of a virtual audience is thrilling.


My successes in cycling will reflect greatly on the charity I created to benefit kids in my community. Maybe in ten years the next endurance event champion will come from the pool of talent at the YMCA.


To follow the race in real time online, go to: www.bikingman.com/en/live-tracking. Racing begins Sunday February 25th in Oman at 3am. Racing ends March 2nd.