ABUS Mobile Security is Ready for Cyclocross Season

  • August 26th, 2015
  • Tags: Events News


Chicago, IL (August 26th, 2015) Cross is coming and ABUS Mobile Security, Inc. is ready to go to the races with a full schedule of events on the calendar.


Beginning with the Ellison Park Cyclocross Festival presented by Full Moon Vista on September 4th-6th, ABUS is kicking off a full schedule of participation in cross events around the country that includes the UCI World Cup kickoff at CLIF Bar CrossVegas on September 16th; the KMC Providence Cyclocross Festival, October 2nd-4th; the Trek CXC, October 10th-11th; the Chicago Cross Cup Series powered by SRAM; and the CrossCrusade Series based in Portland, OR.


“We’re big believers in the sport of cyclocross and we love how it puts us directly in touch with our customers. Everybody is out there on bikes doing what they love. And we get to teach them about how to protect the bikes - all of the bikes - that they love. What makes cross so unique is its appeal to such a wide swath of participants: we see messengers; urban commuters; bike shop owners and their staffs - like the amazing crew from Full Moon Vista; the hard core racer and the hard core believer in having fun on bikes; roadies and mountain bikers; suburban families and college kids. And ABUS makes a product that’s right for ALL of them. It’s an ideal way to be out supporting the community.”


Trek CXC Cup director Renee Callaway commented, "We are excited as an event to be working with a brand like ABUS who sees the value in engaging the cross community. On a personal level and as somebody who rides as much as possible keeping my bike secure is of the utmost importance. It's no fun to have your bike stolen - whether it's your new race bike or your old city cruiser and we are excited to help them spread their message about the importance of locking up!"


Hanscom continued, "We will be on site at as many of the races as possible and we're working closely the various promoters to make sure there is always something fun happening in our tent in addition to showcasing the latest and greatest locks. We encourage everybody to come say hi.”